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1-18-09 Pastor Shannon Schreyer

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1-11-09 Tracee Loosle - "The Door Of Hope"

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1-4-09 Pastor Shannon Schreyer "When Favor Meets Destiny"

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12-28-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer "Beautiful Dreamer"

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12-21-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer "Looking For The Christ"

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12-14-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer "In The Fullness Of Time"

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12-07-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer "The Road To More"

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11-30-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer - Leadership Part 4 "Prisoners To A Promise"

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Tommy Brown - "Men's Advance" Sunday Morning

"From Ordinary To Extraordinary"

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Tommy Brown - "Men's Advance" Saturday Night

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Tommy Brown - "Men's Advance" Saturday Morning

An amazing message from Tommy on the subject of becoming vulnerable as men.

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11-09-08 "Moving Into Faith"

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10-26-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer - Leadership Part 3 "Unmasking the Spirit of Jezebel"

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10-19-08 Shannon Schreyer - A God Perspective on Economic Upheaval

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10/5/08 Ruth Jones 10:30

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09-28-08 Shannon Schreyer - Leadership Part 2 - Loyalty and Honor

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9-21-08 Pastor Shannon Schreyer Leadership Part 1

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09-14-08 Nancy Schreyer

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Ruth Jones "God Is Faithful"

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Bobby Conner 2-7-08

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A Day In The Life Of The Body 10-7-07

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Mary Bondi: "Come Up Higher" Women's Conference Saturday Morning 9-29-07

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NANCY SCHREYER - "Come Up Higher" Women's Conference: Friday Night

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KRIS VALLOTTON - "Finding The Treasure In People"

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KRIS VALLOTTON - Personal Prophetic Words given at God's Place

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KRIS VALLOTTON - "The Emerging Apostolic Wineskin"

This ministry session with Kris Vallotton was orignally directed toward the ministry leaders of God's Place and area leaders. We hope that you will enjoy and be challenged by this "Now" word for the church as much as we have been

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Kris Vallotton - 08-30-2007 Thursday Night

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KRIS VALLOTTON - Individual Words Given For The People at God's Place

These Words were given at the end of our Thursday night session with Kris Vallotton.  The recording was placed on this podcast to make them more accessable to the people of our church and in our community.

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KRIS VALLOTTON - "How To Receive A Prophetic Word"

This is a short teaching on how to receive a prophetic word.

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SAMUEL RODRIGUEZ - "From Problems to Promise"

Pastor Sam is the Founder of “3rd Day Believers Network”.   A Global network of Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Spirit-Filled ministries, which are revived, raised up and living in God’s Sight. Hosea 6:2 

3DBN brings together the ministries in North America and throughout the world which are revived, raised up and living in God's 'sight (Hosea 6:2). Currently 3DBN has networked the most successful Revival Ministries Globally. All these ministries are known for coming out of their religious tomb and living in the fullness of God's resurrection power. All ministries are Christ Centered, Bible Based, Spirit Empowered and of sound doctrine.
For more information go to:  www.3dbn.org

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In this powerful message by Ruth Jones, God's Place was encouraged to understand that God is delivering us in stages and indeed moving us from glory to glory. 

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DESPERATE HOUSEHOLDS Part 8 - "Divorce and Remarriage"

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This was a great prophetic night at God's Place The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel ordained Dick in 1949, and he and Betty have traveled as an evangelist all over the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. In 1966 Dick and Betty became a part of the then-emerging Charismatic Renewal. Passing through all denominational barriers, Dick has had the opportunity to speak in thousands of churches of varied backgrounds all over the world. He has ministered with: the Full Gospel Business Men, Women's Aglow, Inter-church Renewal Catholic Pentecostals, mainline Charismatic groups as well as CBN, TBN television networks and many independant Christian TV Stations. He has also appeared on numerous radio talk-shows, written magazine articles and has spoken at many Bible conferences and universities. He has also served as an adjunct professor at six Schools of the Bible and Seminaries.

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"Singleness" - Most view singleness as a problem to be fixed, but in this message from Nancy Schreyer, we will see that God calls it a choice celebrate! Learn how it can be a season of freedom, growth, and focused passion for Him!

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Family! God's heart is that we raise kids that become world changers.  It all begins with parents starting with the end in mind.  This message from the "Desperate Household" series is a blend of practical advise and biblical wisdom in raising kids who know their purpose and destiny in Christ.

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This message from the "Desperate Households" series, continues to look at the biblical context for sexual intimacy in a Christian relationship between a man and wife. 


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SEXUALITY! In the continuing Series Desperate Households, this message deals with a biblical view of what God thinks about sex in the context of Christian Marriage.

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"FIRST THINGS FIRST" This message speaks about the need for people to set priorities in terms of our relationships to God, Family, Friends, Work, Play, etc. .          

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Part 2 of our Desperate Households Series continues to lay the foundation of what God desires in healthy marriages, with honor being a cornerstone to that foundation.

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Marriage, "It's a God Thing" This message is part 1 of the series "Desperate Households"

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When Faith Meets Favor

Pastor Shannon Schreyer: The Favor of God has been described as; "the irresistable charisma of God & Christ, that raps itself around a person who has yeilded themselves to the fulfillment of a heavenly objective. It is the attraction of God to you that releases a supernatural presence through you so that people are supernaturally inclined to like you, trust you, and cooperate with you." This message will help you discover what happens when Faith and Favor collide!

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The Power To Function

Pastor Shannon Schreyer: The reality of the Kingdom of God is supposed to be mirrored through God's People the church. Holy Spirit gives the body of Christ the Power to Function with regard to witness, power, authority, and miracles.

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Power Evangelism

Pastor Shannon A. Schreyer: Amos prophesies of day coming when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman. It gives us a picture of massive global evangelization. We are in that season. Be encouraged to step into your place in the harvest field.

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Breakthrough, Breakout, and Breakforth

Tracee Anne Loosle, International Speaker and Intercessor delivered a powerful message to God's Place to aquiring keys to breaking forth! For more information about Tracee go to www.intrepidheart.org

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BOBBY CONNER (Friday Night Service)

Bobby Conner has a razor sharp prophetic ministry and he has traveled to over 43 nations releasing the Fathers Heart to the church and those on a journey toward Christ. For more information about Bobby visit: www.bobbyconner.org

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BOBBY CONNER (Sunday Morning Service)

Bobby Conner has a razor sharp prophetic ministry and he has traveled to over 43 nations releasing the Fathers Heart to the church and those on a journey toward Christ. For more information about Bobby visit: www.bobbyconner.org

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BOBBY CONNER (Saturday Night Service)

Bobby Conner has a razor sharp prophetic ministry and he has traveled to over 43 nations releasing the Fathers Heart to the church and those on a journey toward Christ. For more information about Bobby visit: www.bobbyconner.org

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The Power of a Blessing

Shannon A. Schreyer: When circumstance, conditions, and situations seem out of control choose to be a person who releases blessing instead of a curse.

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Message from Pastor Shannon Schreyer: God's hearbeat for His church is that He have a people who know how to access the heavenly realm to see His purposes established here on earth as it is in heaven.

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Do You Really Want To Be Well?

Nancy Schreyer 12/31/2006.

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Tis The Season

Shannon A. Schreyer - Jesus came to usher in a "New Season" for the Nation of Israel and for the world. 2000 years later He is still ushering people into New Seasons

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Passionate Fire

Shannon Schreyer - The Fire of Revival is birthed through our passionate pursuit of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

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Living Life On Full

Shannon A. Schreyer 12-04-06

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"DNA of a Bread Crumb" Matt. 15:21-28

Shannon A. Schreyer 11-26-06

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Sam Rodriquez 11.19.06

Samuel Rodriquez delivered this message in our Sunday AM Service November 19, 2006. We pray you will be blessed by this powerful message. For more on Samuel Rodriquez visit www.3dbn.org .

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